Helping you discover your inner world by reconnecting with the natural world

Take time out from the everyday busy to reawaken and redefine your sense of self, health and wellbeing.

Spend a few days on retreat refinding the world of nature within you.
Or enjoy half-day walking for wellbeing or balancing mind, body and spirit through nature-based outdoor activities.

Special Pandemic Notice:

Currently all retreats are still available on an affordable, bespoke basis only to individuals, couples and small groups who know each other. In other words, we will only host retreats for people belonging to the same bubble. We will not bring people you do not know into your retreat space and, as hosts, we will respectfully keep our distance. For more information on our pandemic protocol and bespoke retreat packages and pricing, Get in Touch.

Half-Day in Nature Groups (monthly):wellness

The Razès Ramblers:

For fitness and wellbeing, for fun and companionship, for health and happiness

Walking for Wellbeing, rambling through the rolling Razès, living and breathing in the goodness of the great outdoors, enjoyably burning a few calories to boot. Distances will vary between 8 and 12 kilometres depending on the particular trail.

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A Mindful Mid-Week in Nature:

For improved health and happiness, inner peace and calm

Spending time outdoors, pursuing gentle, nature-based activities that have been scientifically proven to improve health and wellbeing. Walking distances will not exceed four kilometres.

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Read more about the benefits of nature and nature therapy here...

Longer Wellness Retreats (four or more days):

Walking Retreats:

We offer several types of walking retreat throughout the year. Whether you enjoy following gentle footpaths meandering through unspoilt and richly diverse countryside or exploring the ruins of the mighty, historic Cathar castles, multiple options are available right here from the doorstep. You may be seeking inner peace ambling silently through a forest or near a lake, or revel in walking in the company of others. You may be looking for a little guidance or training to help you walk your own life story on your own Camino...

You can walk alone or in a small group self-guided or guided by One Woman Walking author, Jo Moore.

Nature and Wellness Retreats: 


In these retreats, the focus is on spending time bringing yourself back into a harmonious balance with the natural world because finding time for yourself and for communing with nature are important to your health and sense of wellbeing. Daily practices can include gentle yoga flow practice, mindful walking and walking meditations in nature and wellbeing treatments such as massage or reflexology. 

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Writing Retreats:

Through a series of workshops, critical feedback, space to create and discussion, resident author and philosopher, Bob Norton, will encourage you to delve a little deeper, stimulating your unique creativity, bringing your story, book or poems to life in your own inimitable way. Only you can write your story and we can help you find inspiration and get you into the zone to do it. You decide whether you want to do your creative writing retreat alone or as part of a small group.  Writing retreats are available throughout the year.

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Retreat Group Sizes and Discounts

To ensure a deep-rooted sense of wellbeing, we keep retreat numbers small (max. 6) so that no-one gets lost in a crowd. You can even come solo, with a friend or small group. Early bird discounts are available when you book 3 months or more in advance. 

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