Sometimes you don't want to be part of a group or follow an agenda with fixed times and activities. Sometimes the aim is quite simply to do no more than find a tranquil place and space in which to gently unwind, relax at your own pace and in your own time before you decide what you want to do next and when.

If you are looking for a Do-It-Yourself style retreat for a reviving mini break, full relaxing week or longer restorative stay, then stepping into a rural Razès Gîte in the sleepy village of Escueillens, buried in the heart of the countryside in southern France, offers you several paths to assist you restore your deep-rooted sense of wellbeing.

Sometimes you want a one-to-one experience where you can simply walk and talk freely taking the time and space to discover, express and heal in your way, grounding yourself while walking through the unspoilt Razès landscape, breathing in the unpolluted air, enjoying the warming sun and benefiting from the negative ions it emanates (often referred to as nature’s antidepressants) all of which are relaxing and deeply healing. If you want time out to focus on you and your needs, have a look at our One-on-One Wellness retreats.