30th July 2021

Some studies say that we humans need to expose ourselves to the natural world for at least five hours each month – that means spending five hours outdoors in the fresh air – in order to be healthy in mind, body and spirit. Others claim that we should go out for at least ten minutes a day, and yet others recommend thirty minutes a day.

21st June 2021

When I am with my mother, I am at home. I am nourished, I am held, I am so deeply loved. Her love for me has no boundaries and, deep at the centre of my being, I know this. I feel it.

22nd May 2021

I was feeling a bit down, a bit irritable and out of sorts for a reason I couldn’t even begin to imagine. What was going on? What was this feeling? And perhaps more to the point, why was it happening? I looked out the window at the growing daylight and sipped my coffee in quiet contemplation.

22nd April 2021

There are times in life when everyone becomes un-grounded. It usually happens when we feel stressed and our bodies get stuck in that sympathetic nervous system response of ‘fight or flight’ and suddenly, before you know it, you feel off balance, out of kilter, off colour, out of sorts, unsettled, grumpy, intolerant crabby, impatient, couldn’t care less. Whatever it may be, you feel uneasy and not quite right.

24th March 2021

Trees are natural fractals. 

Each tree, right from the trunk to each and every leaf tip, is a copy of the one that came before it. Fractals are described as self-similar because they are endless inclusions of similar patterns with similar patterns. Fractals can feel familiar to us because they are everywhere in nature: whether we are looking at trees, flowers, rivers or mountains, all of nature is constantly revealing its inherent fractal patterns if and when we truly stop and bother to look.

 As Ben Weiss explains, “whenever you observe a series of patterns repeating over and over again, at many different scales, and where any small part resembles the whole, that's a fractal.”