At the end of the day, it’s your choice as to how much equipment you want to carry and, as you can imagine, there’s always a trade-off between being prepared for all eventualities and… the weight (and relative discomfort!) of carrying it all around. Given the weather conditions of the day and the landscape and terrain in which you intend to walk, you might want to leave some optional gear in your car… as a back-up when you get back if you get wet and need to change clothes or...

Bear in mind also that what some people consider necessary others may not and vice versa.

If you’re walking with me, you may want to check first because there are certain things that I always carry so that you don’t have to.

Necessary Equipment:

  • fitted rucksack
  • walking boots or trainers
  • appropriate walking socks
  • water proof jacket
  • mobile phone
  • lunch /energy snacks
  • water
  • map
  • sunblock / lip salve
  • sunglasses / reading glasses
  • compass
  • spare boot-laces
  • hat
  • Basic first aid kit (scissors, plasters, antiseptic, lavender oil, disinfectant, Anthisan, anti-histamines, tissues)

Optional Additional Equipment:

  • rain cover for rucksack
  • spare long-sleeve shirt / fleece
  • rainproof trousers
  • walking poles
  • gaiters
  • hat, scarf, gloves
  • GPS
  • Binoculars
  • camera
  • whistle / personal body alarm
  • rubbish bag
  • pen & notepad / dictaphone
  • multipurpose knife

The choices are all yours but at least this gives you food for thought!