For improved health and happiness, inner peace and calm

What is it about?

Spending time outdoors, pursuing gentle, nature-based activities that have been scientifically proven to improve health and wellbeing. Walking distances will not exceed 4 kilometres.

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to improve their health and general sense of wellbeing.

Particularly suits those who don't want to:

  • walk for hours
  • join a gym
  • feel compelled to burn a sweat

Particularly suits those who do want to:

  • enjoy the benefits of improved mind, body and spirit wellbeing
  • try something different… outdoors

Activities will vary each session and may include:

  • mindfulness meditation
  • forest bathing
  • guided visualisations
  • creative writing
  • (barefoot) grounding
  • gentle yoga stretch
  • walking meditation
  • and many more

All activities are optional and so you choose whether you want to do each, some or none. There will also be time to discuss the associated wellness benefits of each specific activity.

Why would I want to do this?

Research shows that spending more time in nature…

  • can reduce:

stress, blood pressure, cholesterol, depression and anxiety, obesity, diabetes, mortality, asthma and allergy problems, …

  • and improve:

sleep, happiness, postoperative recovery, immune system activity, life satisfaction, eyesight, pain control, social connectedness, cognitive performance, …

When does it take place?

2nd Wednesday of each month.

Meet at 09.15H for a 09.30H start. Please be prompt.

Expect to spend up to two hours outdoors.

Where do we do it?

In and around the gently rolling Razès, often close to the trees. I'll send you full details at the time of booking.

How much is it and how do I pay?

€10 per person.

Contact me to book your place and I’ll send you details so you can make your payment via PayPal. If it rains and you choose not to attend, your payment will be held against a future session (for up to a max of 8 weeks).

What else?

If you feel you may need to borrow walking poles (not for distance, only increased stability on uneven terrain) or any other kit, please let me know and I’ll bring extra where I can. If you have any questions or concerns, contact me: I’ll be happy to help.

Two rules apply:

  • We respect each other and nature, minimising negative impact
  • These sessions are not for our companion friends: sadly, pets will only distract

During pandemic times, a 3rd rule also applies:

  • We respect social distancing protocols (1 metre apart outside of family bubbles)