Step back from the busy and nurture yourself on a four-day soul-feeding, wellbeing retreat in rural France.

This digital detox gives time back to you so that you can enjoy relaxation for your mind, rejuvenation for your body, tranquility for your soul.

A combination of well-deserved massage, facial and or foot reflexology, mindful walks through the stunning Razès countryside, gentle yoga stretching and a variety of meditation techniques will have you leaving here refreshed in mind and body and ready for the outside world again. 

A 'get-away-from-it-all' nature therapy retreat to re-establish your lost connection with the natural living world around you.

On this retreat, you have the opportunity to nurture your inner world and harmonise it with your outer world actions, interactions and reactions. This retreat aims to show how to create a careful balance between making time for yourself and time for relating with your true essence - the natural world.

Through a series of re-balancing and harmonising techniques, you will be re-energised (having redressed the balance of the over-bearing workplace) and leave here de-stressed and revitalised.

Many people don't want to be part of a group. Whether you are looking to find healing solace within yourself or simply need time out to reflect and reconnect with the inner you, retreating alone means doing the things you want to do in your own time and space. 

And you don't have to be alone. Should you choose, Jo and Bob are there to guide you through a yoga routine to suit your health and physique, different meditation practices to find which work best for you, some gentle walking in the Razès countryside to ease your daily tensions or soul writing for self-discovery and inner peace.

On a One-on-One wellness retreat, the aim is to focus on you and your needs for self-discovery, healing and inner peace.

Writing is about expressing yourself and gaining fulfillment from the feelings, thoughts and ideas that you convey. You are unique and no one else sees and thinks as you do and no one else can write your story, book or poem. Your experience, your scenarios and your plots and subplots are your own.

We help you to discover through practice, exercises and discussion that self-expression is both liberating and empowering and leads to self-fulfillment.

Rewilding the soul is about taking you out of your ego-driven thinking mind into awareness of and relaxed presence in your Soul Self. It's about freeing yourself of invasive mind-chatter and learning to live your life anchored in the true joy and happiness that are already residing in the depths of your being.

The aim of the retreat is to open you up to new ways of rewilding your soul in order to find that elusive inner peace which you so vitally need to incorporate within your daily lifestyle and living.

If you find it difficult to meditate and struggle to leave the thinking mind behind and be fully present, if you want to connect with your Soul Self and yet can’t figure out how, if you are motivated to explore new ways of finding inner peace, then  a rewilding retreat may be the life-changing experience your Soul Self needs.