Rewilding the soul is about taking you out of your ego-driven thinking mind into awareness of and relaxed presence in your Soul Self. It's about freeing yourself of invasive mind-chatter and learning to live your life anchored in the true joy and happiness that are already residing in the depths of your being.

The aim of the retreat is to open you up to new ways of rewilding your soul in order to find that elusive inner peace which you so vitally need to incorporate within your daily lifestyle and living.

If you find it difficult to meditate and struggle to leave the thinking mind behind and be fully present, if you want to connect with your Soul Self and yet can’t figure out how, if you are motivated to explore new ways of finding inner peace, then  a rewilding retreat may be the life-changing experience your Soul Self needs.

Many people try to practice mindfulness meditation in one form or another and feel frustrated by it or give up on it because it doesn't feel fulfilling.

Through a fusion of activities and discussions you will:


  • explore different ways of mindfully harnessing your awareness through each of your six senses, in different internal and external environments, to see which work best in finding your inner voice;
  • tap into the stimuli which work best for you to increase your connectivity with nature enhancing your capacity to self-heal;
  • explore both mindfulness and mind-chatter using techniques to help boost the former and nullify the latter;
  • push back the boundaries to discover the Soul Self beyond the Mind Self;
  • uncover the rewilded you and integrate this into your daily lifestyle.

What do you take away from the retreat?

  • an understanding and assimilation of key questions and mindful techniques that work for you;
  • the knowledge of which are your best routes to mindfulness, self-healing and rewilding;
  • how to listen to your inner voice, your Soul Self, and know how to get to there whenever you want;
  • the chance to start a new life living from the grounded Soul Self instead of the unfulfilling Mind Self.

La PeneRetreat Price (per person):

Full-board €595

Share a room (max one other person) and enjoy a discount of €30.

Come alone, as a couple or with friends throughout the year.

Get in Touch to have a chat about the retreat and get your itinerary.

 Your 'Rewilding the Soul' wellbeing retreat (max. 6 people) includes: 

  • airport transfers to and from Carcassonne or Toulouse airports;
  • 4 nights' accommodation in a Razès Gîte;
  • full board - vegetarian evening meal, buffet style breakfasts and lunches, morning and afternoon teas and coffees;
  • a welcome Blanquette aperitif and retreat briefing upon your arrival;
  • daily morning yoga movement or individual meditation practice;
  • daily guided mindfulness walks in the Razès countryside;
  • daily silent and guided meditation group practice;
  • daily group discussions and activities exploring mindfulness and rewilding;
  • optional group mantra singing sessions;
  • opportunities for private one-on-one sessions;
  • gift book from your guide and author entitled one woman walking.

ladiesRetreat Exclusions

  • Cost of your flights to and from Carcassonne or Toulouse airport;
  • Holiday insurance;
  • Personal consumptions/purchases made on anything not included in the above;
  • Should you require an extra night or two half-board (up front or at the end of the retreat to coincide with your flight times), a pro rata rate of €70 per night applies.

If you've had a chat with us and are ready to book your retreat...

Deduct the discounts for Early Bird booking and room sharing if they apply. Then decide how many additional nights you may need, if any, and add €70 per day per person to the retreat price. Simply click on the PayPal button below. A 30% deposit is required at the time of booking; the balance 70% is due 8 weeks prior to your arrival. Deposits are refundable up to 8 weeks prior to the retreat start date. If you have any concerns or need clarification, Get in Touch and we'll work out your price for you.