The retreats take place at the Razès Gîtes in a small rural village called Escueillens, buried in the heart of the stunning Razès countryside, in the Pays Cathare. There is no commerce here - just blissful peace. The links below give you more information about the area known as the Razès, the topography, sample walks, local amenities and what else there is to do in and about the place.amitavaux1


We have put this brief guide together in response to the many and varied questions we have had from guests which all boil down essentially to the same thing, namely what else is there to do in the Razès? It draws from their and our experience and attempts to pull together a small number of attractions that are available in or close to the Razès area.

Every year the Cathar heritage attracts hundreds and thousands of people who want to visit the castles that served as the strongholds of the Cathars before they eventually succumbed to the might of papal crusade. Many visitors experience a curious sense of reverence in popular castles such as Montségur, Carcassonne, Lastours, Quéribus and Peyreperteuse. Half-day and full-day guided tours are available to those who want to tune into the Cathar experience.

There is no commerce in the small village of Escueillens - just blissful peace. Amenities are close by and you may want to sample a little of what else the local area has to offer during your stay here.

A brief overview of just a few of the possible routes for you and your group to experience during your time in the Razès.

The Razès is a canton (rural area) in the Aude département in the Occitanie region (formerly the Languedoc Roussillon). It lays about 90 km inland of the Mediterranean coast and 90 km north of the Pyrenees and just 25 minutes south of Carcassonne.

We offer you 40 circuits and 5 linear trails covering the length and breadth of the rolling Razès countryside, ranging from 5 to 40 km - and the choice is yours. You determine your own routes and thus distance and difficulty and, most importantly, you get to walk at your own pace.

Most of our walks are day or ½ day circuits. This means that you can return to your own safe haven in a Razès Gîte each evening to relax and unwind in comfort.