For singles, couples or small groups, the core attention of this retreat is on gentle walking to uplift and enhance your personal sense of wellbeing.

Take a well-deserved break from your everyday, busy life to come on a week-long digital detox of walking for wellbeing, gradually unwinding as you stroll gently over meandering footpaths through the unspoilt Razès countryside.

This retreat will gently steer you away from your stressful busy into the relaxing heart of the Razès countryside, feeding your senses on the abundance of sunflowers and vineyards, birds of prey and wild orchids, rolling hills and valleys.

In this beautifully unspoilt part of Occitanie called the Pays Cathare, there are thousands of kilometres of scarcely-trod trails waiting to be discovered by those seeking a walking retreat with a unique twist. From the Mediterranean to the Pyrenees, these lands are marked by the plight of the Cathar people: walking in the footsteps of these legendary people, you'll be discovering some of France's most best and most ancient paths.

This retreat will give you a walking week of exploration and exhilaration, discovery and delight, sunflowers and sunshine.

Are you searching for something more meaningful in your life? Do you feel something gnawing at you, something from deep within the pit of your stomach pulling so strongly that you know you won’t be able to rest again until you find some meaningful answers? If so, then you have heard the inner call to search, the Call of the Soul.

The Call of the Soul is about re-connecting with your inner world while exploring the world outside to find lasting, meaningful peace.

As you walk the pilgrim's path, you learn how to shed a life-time of fears, foibles and fallacies, unearth your personal truths and shake off the dross of the material world.

If discovering more about your soul appeals, then you are more than ready for a pilgrimage.

Have you been dreaming of walking your own Camino? Are you a bit worried about what it entails, how you should start and what you should expect from it?

If you really want to walk the long walk (it doesn't have to be the Camino) and need a bit of help with preparation and training, then book yourself in for a session with Jo.

Camino Dreaming will provide you with a highly personalised and unique training programme designed precisely to help you meet your goal and get your feet confidently on the pilgrim's path.