Have you been dreaming of walking your own Camino? Are you a bit worried about what it entails, how you should start and what you should expect from it?

If you really want to walk the long walk (it doesn't have to be the Camino) and need a bit of help with preparation and training, then book yourself in for a session with Jo.

Camino Dreaming will provide you with a highly personalised and unique training programme designed precisely to help you meet your goal and get your feet confidently on the pilgrim's path.


Walking can be a highly personal activity. Something we do it every day without thinking about it. But a walking pilgrimage is very different. We need to face up to our fears about distance, stamina, perseverance and the possibility of having to give up. The rewards are immense. Discovering new inner strength and determination, new thoughts, thinking and perspective which bring new energy, and a heightened sense of alone-ness with which we witness new physical and mental landscapes on a journey which is sacred because we own it. But it needs preparation and training.

Jo wrote her book, one woman walking, on the back of her experiences while out walking, largely on the Camino de Santiago, not once but twice. Because of her vast experience walking pilgrimages throughout both France and Spain, she now offers training programmes and retreats for those who want to embark on their own inner adventure and learn more about how to walk the 'long walk'.

The Camino de Santiago in Spain has to be the most popular and well-known of all pilgrimage routes worldwide for those seeking to test their endurance while same-time redefining their inner worlds. There are many starting points spanning Spain and starting all over Europe but the most famed route is 800 km long, referred to as the Camino Francés, and its starting point is in the tiny town of St-Jean-Pied-de-Port situated not far from Biarritz in France.

But you don't have to follow the Camino de Santiago if you don't want to. There are many alternatives out there all over the world. The point is a pilgrimage is a long walk and, while thousands of people dream of doing their own Camino (or other pilgrim route), many stop short of actually realising it because it can seem like such a daunting task. Jo follows different pilgrimage routes two to three times a year and sees first-hand how all too often so many people never get to complete their pilgrimage for a variety of reasons which shouldn't even factor in the equation. Above all else, good prior planning is key.

The feelings of pure elation, an overwhelming sense of outstanding achievement and tremendous inner happiness and peace are what we all experience when we do actually complete the 'long walk' and the majority of people are more than capable of doing it. For many, an extra bit of friendly guidance on the 'hows' and the 'whats' is all that is needed.

Do your Camino Dreaming boot-camp with Jo and benefit from the following:

  • how to train to suit your specific level of fitness, walking speed and personal goals;
  • what to train for on the 'long walk';
  • finding and booking the best accommodation to suit you;
  • buying the right equipment and packing precisely what you need;
  • best times of the year to go and what to expect along the way;
  • building physical strength and endurance;
  • developing mental and spiritual agility.

Get in Touch to have a chat about your Camino Dreaming

Having benefited from a personally tailored training programme to suit your level of fitness, available time, desired goals and outcomes from your Camino, Jo will have you leave here feeling physically and mentally prepared to take on quite literally the soul-changing walk of your lifetime. With the right training gradually introduced over time, the walk need not hurt the body, leaving the mind and soul free to accomplish what you set out to achieve - your very own Buen Camino!

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There are no specific start and finish dates for these Camino Dreaming retreats. You can come any time of the year when it suits your needs best. So long as your dates don't coincide with our other scheduled retreats, the timing is yours and the options are endless. Come for a long weekend, week or 10 days and/or several times a year in order to get yourself ready for your own Camino.

A Consideration...

The winter season is undoubtedly the longest, harshest period of the year and, as such, many of us just want to get away, hibernate a while and recharge batteries until the weather improves. This is therefore the cheapest period to travel and a great time to be on retreat since there are no groups blocking your way or getting in your space.

Retreat Prices (per person, per night & include airport transfers to and from Carcassonne): 

Self-catering €65
Bed & Breakfast €73
Half-board €103
Full-board €113 (given the nature of this retreat, lunch on the full-board option will sometimes be a picnic)

Discounts apply for two people sharing, small groups and stays of 7 nights or more.

Retreat Exclusions

  • Cost of your flights to and from Carcassonne airport;
  • Holiday insurance;
  • Personal expenditure.

If you've had a chat and are ready to book...

Simply choose your catering and transport options, length of stay and click on the PayPal button below.A discount is available for stays of 2 weeks or more. Get in Touch for details.

A 30% deposit is required at the time of booking; the balance 70% is due 8 weeks prior to your arrival. Deposits are refundable up to 8 weeks prior to the retreat start date.


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